A Public Relations Firm is threatened by acts of one of their own. Leo Stanwix, CEO of Stanwix Communications, calls a meeting to find out just who the traitor is in his Company. Lies can only go so far, Silence can only last so long.

A Churchill Picture Directed by Damiano Fusca Starring Amadeo Fusca, Tony Prosdocimo, Chris Smith and Kati Lightholder. Written and Produced by Mike Smith.

Churchill Pictures is going to Vegas!  On July 22 at The Las Vegas Film Festival Churchill Picture’s Feature Film ‘DEFERENCE’ will receive a SIlver Ace Award at the Closing Dinner Ceremony. Director Damiano Fusca and Producer/Writer Jared Bajoras will receive the award on behalf of all the Cast and Crew Members involved in the making of the film. Thank you for your support. See you in Vegas!!!   DEFERENCE Trailer

When tradition fades away, Order preserves respect.’
Directed by Damiano Fusca Written by Jared Bajoras and Damiano Fusca. Starring Amadeo Fusca.

Here we have a short video we’ve done to help our friends at www.80stees.com promote their costumes for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Filmed at the actual warehouse with tens of thousands of awesome shirts and costumes, this is a must see!


Churchill Pictures presents MELINDA LIVE at The Mint in Hollywood. Directed by DAMIANO FUSCA produced by SERGIO BERTAMINI.

Churchill Pictures takes you inside the life of Audible Mainframe for 48 hours.

A Psychologist attempts to get his four patients to agree to an intervention. Starring Amadeo Fusca, Tony Prosdocimo, George Solomon, Jared Bajoras, Micheal Mc Donagh and Paul DiDomenico. A Churchill Picture directed by Damiano Fusca.

Audible Mainframe performs at the Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip and then share their thoughts about the historic venue in Hollywood.


Churchill Pictures follows a group of talented young skateboarders in Venice Beach. ‘THE GRIND’ is a documentary that takes you inside the Southern California pastime where it all started. Directed by Damiano Fusca. Music by Audible Mainframe.

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